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Tips on creating, sorting and searching threads in this forum


Brummie by marriage
Creating a new thread:
When creating a new thread, please use the following format:
SURNAME, first name, other information
For example:​
SMITH, John 1850-1910
This will help ensure that surnames appear in the expected place in a sorted list.

Creating a sorted list:
It is possible to create a sorted list for use whilst you are within the relevant sub-forum. It is not a permanently sorted list of the threads in the sub-forum, so when you next open the sub-forum, the threads will be displayed in the default order - by date of last post.

To sort the threads into alphabetical order

When the list of threads in the sub-forum is displayed, click Title. The threads will be displayed in ascending (A->Z) alphabetical order. To display the threads in descending (Z->A), click Title again.​

Searching the forum using the Advanced Search:

You can also use the Advanced Search to search for all occurences of a particular surname in a forum/sub-forum. This is quicker than trying to work out how many pages in Robbins (for example) is going to appear in the M-P list!

Using the Advanced Search in a Surname sub-forum
The following will find threads for a particular surname in the selected sub-forum.​
  • Using the Advanced Search, select Single Content Type
  • Entering the surname and selecting Search Titles only
  • In the Additional options section, select the relevant sub-forum (A-D/E-H/etc) from the Search in drop-down list
  • Click Search