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Time Enough


Robert Harrison

Oh see what you look at and remember it all well.
Oh hear what you listen to with the keenness of ear.
Oh feel what you touch and let your hands so dwell.
Oh smell the scents of summer, bouquets of the year

Oh look at the beauty of autumn a month of fruitfulness
Oh hear the burning branches and bubbling hissing sap
Oh feel the changing seasons, which bring on happiness
Oh smell the earths last mushrooms gathered in your cap.

Oh ye season that come early
Oh ye seasons that come late
Oh ye seasons that come yearly
Oh ye seasons of pleasant state
Oh the winter bringing snow flake
Oh the spring bringing greenest spears
Oh the summer bringing yellow rape
Oh ye autumn filled with wood smoke
Filling eyes with running tears

Each season has its reason
Each month its special day
Each day its special hour
Each hour its special minute
Each minute in which to pray.

©Robert Harrison 2006