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Thus All Of Natures BEauty


Robert Harrison

Ah white the hill dressed in winter’s cold snow,
harmonizing the white of a bride’s gown which
flows gently to the church cold stone floor.
Flawed only by the folds in the material, like
those of a child’s toboggan that has swept along
its downward path searching out the valley below.
Still the merry voices of children’s laughter ring
out, as do the murmur of voices in the hilltops tiny

Soon snow will fall from the dull grey sky, and
in its flurry of crystal confetti, will keep clandestine
the folds that wait for the sound of the Bridle March.
So too will the toboggans scars disappear as natures
breath and new snows heal the wounds leaving only
undulating rills.

She glides as a Snow Queen, her face shrouded like
the hillside, as white pure driven snow veils all of
the hidden beauty that lies beneath, though in it’s
transforming power other beauteous delights appear.

Adorned in virgin white, symbol of purity and virtue,
the hillside is healed of its wounds Thus the delights
of the children are silenced away, as the notes of the
organ fade, absorbed by the old oak beams . Her train
is carefully coiled around her satin white shoes, while
the fir trees on the hillside stand in confetti snow.

The veil is lifted, thus all of nature’s beauty is absolute
before the eye.

©Robert Harrison 2006