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Thorpe Street


master brummie
Carole. Court 9 thorpe St is shown on the map, on the north west side, south west of that large block, near the junction with the Horsefair. However, below is a map c 1950, when the court was still extant, which also shows the numbering, so , if you have the number in the court , you can plot its exact position.

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Wow Mike, thanks so much! They were at number 6 which is clearly shown. Looks like they were close to the White Lion on the corner there. That would have been very handy for Grandad!
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master brummie
All I remember about Thorpe Street was that Royal Mail had a social club there. Was it the Drill Hall? One of the very few stars I've seen in the flesh was Ruby Murray in the 70's at the social club!


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I am new to this site and noticed,the information about Thorpe Street.
Part of my family tree is of my late mother-in-law Clara Reed,she was married in Birmingham in 1934.
We found out recently that she had been married to a James.C.Butler in 1919 at Aston registry office, Ihave just applied for her marriage certificate,and although there was a bit of a postal strike i received it in 2 days, thanks to the quick turn round by the registry office,they must have processed it within the hour.(wonderfull service)
I dont know how Clara and Mr Butler arrived in Birmingham,they both came from Halifax,on her cert, she gave her address as Back 21 Thorpe street, Birmingham.(could this have been behind a shop ?)
She did mention working at the Kings Head. was there a Kings Head in Birmingham ?.Wendy on this forum has a Howell could this be a link.
Bit of an extremely late reply but, Back of 21 was No.4. It was a back to back house, one of 11 houses on the site, owned, I know in the 50's, by Davenports the brewery that was at the top of Holloway Head, next door to the then Accident Hospital. The houses were knocked down in 1960 and the area is now an outside sitting area for the White Lion Pub. I was born in 1950 at 4 back of 21 and my granddad lived in 21! There was and still is a Kings Head in Birmingham but the only I know would have/is quite a way from Thorp Street on the Hagley Road at the top of the Bearwood Road. Incidentally, as an aside Thorp Street is the only Road/Street, etc, in the country, that doesn't have an 'e' on the end. I have no idea why, or no way of knowing if that is true but, in my time there, residents were quite proud of that fact! ???
I can add tho' that in my 59 years since living there I have never lived anywhere with such a community spirit, everyone looked out for everyone else and many of the houses occupants were related to each other but just treated you as another relative. There were no closed doors, just a tap and in you went! Happy times, I guess I shared a house with Clara!