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Thomas Latham


master brummie
I am trying to trace gt grandad on hubbys side of the family, Thomas Latham, I know he ran a shop, but not sure exactly where, but in 1912 electoral roll, there are 2 Thomas Lathams living close together, on Bordesley Green at no 181 and 185, could be father and son, the 181 address also lists 5, Dollmann Street, would someone be able to see if any of these was a shop and if so, what it sold.
Thanks a lot, Sue


master brummie
5 Dollman Street was the address of Thomas (28) and Mary Ann (27) Latham and son Thomas aged 1 in 1911.
Thomas was a railway loco worker and the premises were described as a private house.
181 Bordesley Green in 1911 was occupied by Thomas (56) and Eliza (57) Latham.
The premises are described as a shop and dwelling house on the 1911.Thomas was a wardrobe dealer.


master brummie
Thanks Ladylinda, that points to g.g.grandparents having a shop, but still no closer to g.grandads occupation - its Micks family and nan used to say that her dad, Thomas Latham, ran a shop, never thought to ask if it was his shop, or he just ran it, but nan used to say that she went to help out at the shop and she met her hubby when he used to visit the outdoor of the pub by the shop, none of which fits with the loco worker - I'm sure it is the right family, with Mary Ann and Thomas junior in 1911, nan wasn't born until 1914, there was also Ann b 1913 and younger sister Kath, b 1917, I think, so unless he went into shop work after the war, really don't know. He died in 1930 before nan married and nans mom worked as a live in housekeeper for a doctor after that.
Will have to hope some more info comes to light, I have written to the daughters of the doctor, who live in Canada now, to ask where they lived and see if they knew anything about the shop - nan kept in touch with them and we have exchanged cards since her death.
Thanks again Linda,