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This years brood


Born a Brummie
Another year.................... another brood.

Mr & Mrs Gull have had 2 young ones this year both are thriving and being a pain squawking at 5am. So along with the cockerel in the allotment opposite us, the 3x10 week old kittens we are shattered by evening and just need our bed. peace will return one day I hope.

The picture is of one of them using an old enamel bowl as a bed!!



Born a Brummie
Hard to believe it will grow up to be the most hated of birds his parents have never once tried to attack or threaten us. He is so amusing he rolls a golf ball around & walks around with it in his beak.

Next doors cats just lie looking at it as he walks right up to them................... no fear at all

thank you lyn
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