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Things kids say.


master brummie
Our grandson wanted to visit us at our b and b because the lady kept lots of kitchens. (chickens).
Nan never let mum live anything down as she said as a child, I got cataargh all over my shoe. (tar).


master brummie
Presenter on radio this morning said he went shopping with his lad on Saturday and whilst looking around the veg. stall asking what they should have, his son asked him if he wanted any 'Man get out'. Of course dad hadn't a clue until he took him to it, and then explained it was a French word. Hope you've all got it.


master brummie
My friend's daughter now 40, was learning a song from her Nan, when she was about 3 or 4, The oak and the ash and bonny rowan tree, are all a growing greener in my own (coun ter ee) country. Little Laura sang, The oak and the ash and the bunny rabbit tree.


Master Barmmie
Talking to the grand daughter about cooking her Nan said to her...he can’t cook. I said, “men are good cooks haven’t you seen them on the Tele?” She said, “yes but you would be no good cause you are a spilling person.”


master brummie
I arrived home from work and my young daughter announced that her mother had had a grey day. Depression? No, her mother had received a grade "A" in an Italian GCSE exam.