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They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...


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Quite a few prams seen in the pics in this thread and now a nice c1936 pic of Beeches Road Great Barr. Someone seems to be almost hiding behind what looks like a pram next to the tree, and I think it's a man in a shirt, tie, and jacket, and in 1936 a man might not want to be seen in a photo pushing a pram unless his wife was walking alongside. In post #1 a Great Barr man can be seen pushing a pram so it might have been normal in that district, although I never noticed it in the 40's and 50's. It's all light hearted conjecture but any excuse to look at a nice old pic !


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It could be a nanny in the photo. They often wore shirt, ties etc. I remember our old pram. Great big thing, green, grey and chrome with amazing suspension. My dad looked after us after I was born because my mum had to go into hospital. I too was ill so he had his hands full. No paternity leave in those days. Doubtless he was seen out and about pushing me around in the pram in the 50s. But as you say, not a common sight even at that time. Viv.

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Is that Beeches Road looking down from the Walsall Road?
Yes it is the Beeches Road looking down towards the Beeches Estate. Below is a link to a forum pic from another thread (click here) which shows a view from the opposite direction by the school. This pic was taken during WW2 and the kerbstones have been painted black and white. The similar view today (shown in the other thread) would show the M6 motorway just by the trees.


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Almost the same place on Beeches Rd five years later in March 1941 and someone pushes a pram not far from where the person pushing the pram in post #1362 was. The tree on the right looks the same although the footpaths and road appear to have been realigned and the scene looks less rural. The old gas lamp on the left has lost it's top. Interesting changes.


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Hi Stephen - Perhaps Sunday was the one day when photographers could stand in the middle of roads and take their photos. I look at the buildings and then start looking at the people and wonder about their lives. In this photo of Slade Road Gravelly Hill, two girls look at the photographer who must have been standing in the road. The girls could not have imagined that people would be looking at them 100 years later. However my eyes were drawn to look at the two young children walking with their arms around each other. Maybe they were slightly scared of that dog which is in front of them. The girl in the white dress is the only one in the photo who appears to not be wearing a hat, unusual in those times.


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oldMohawk, that pic brings back memories, my late Wife and I lived just a few yards from there in Hillside Rd from 1962 to 1987, those shops on the George Rd corner where still there. BY then the trams had gone, although I remember them and travelled in them in the 30's 40's and early 50's Happy days. Eric
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Hello Eric, the Slade Rd area seemed nice in those days and maybe still is. I also have memories of travelling on the old trams, mainly the No 6 Perry Barr, but often enjoying the long trips down the Bristol Rd to the Lickey Hills.
Phil (oldmohawk)


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Wheeler Street Lozells 11-4-1967.jpgthis is one of my favourite photos...already been on the wheeler st thread but this one has far better clarity...man being very brave leaning out backwards to clean the windows and what i did not notice until now the lady next door at her window.. if you click on the pic 3 times the faces of both are so clear..be great if anyone knew who they were..

wheeler st dated 1967


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What a super pic and what a way to clean windows ! That bloke in a trilby with the brief case looks like a rent collector !


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The bloke with the trilby was the man from the Prue, or that he was from the N,A,B if you recall what that meant
National Assistance board there again in those days of Wheeler Street the old egg board man
Meaning the school board man asking why ain't little Johnny at school Again, Mrs So And So,
Many times walking down wheeler street on a Sunday morning you would always have to look up now and again
Because one or two residents especial half way down by the boozer they would tip out there night waste bucket from the bedroom window
Believe me and that bloke was around the fifty years doing that
Best wishes Astonian,,,,,,


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#1370 those 2 kids look real cute - thx for pointing that out.
Agree those old black and white pics are so full of character. and its great to see so many kids on the streets.

Yes Mo - I thought it might be Sunday
- I just wonder if everyday was like that a bit ? - as there werent so many cars as today.

3 storey buildings as well - must have been posh - unless they had lodgers ?