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They can not last

John Young

master brummie
Rupert :) Thoughfull, deep & resonate with knowledgeable "feeling",

The words depict well the Hardness, Fears, tradgedies of loss yet the Hope & aspirations of Fairer jouney of life,
You Sir,, are Abeam,,, also a beam of eloquent light,
Thank you JohnY :)


Well done Rupert, so very well done..I wish I had written it..beautiful


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
As I have seafaring ancestors in four branches of both mine and my husbands families, I truly can relate to your poem Rupert.
It was a very hard, dangerous and much undervalued service and occupation in the past. An Island nation like Great Britain could not have survived without its Merchant Seamen and Navy.

More amazing talent from a forum member.


Beryl M

An enthralling read Rupert tone-aged to fit the mood, sorrow, and unease of the old-ordinary suddenly rendered mysterious by the unknown, with wonderful, descriptive verses, and effect of the last lines creates epic, lingering images. . . Sounds like the journey of life

I can well imagine billowy sails propelling us to look deep inside our dreams. . The ship commences at the navigation by the stars and we focus on the skies, The Southern Cross, The Milky Way, and other points of light that await on the shores


master brummie
I wondered if the relationship of this poem would be associated with my, just prior posts, on going back to the old days and different childhoods. It's the context you see. Our thoughts are mostly inter-related to produce concepts I think. I should not have worried...you guys have depth. Thankyou.