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Then & Now


master brummie
In the 1960s Keith Berry photographed Edna Jones' shop on the corner of Freer Road and Fentham Road in Aston.
He attached a comment with the photo.
This was Edna Jones' shop on the corner of Freer Road and Fentham Road. I knew it well in my early days as her daughter Margaret, and I were sort of school friends, except that she had a propensity to drop me in it by telling tales of my exploits that she came to hear of to my mother. After Edna's death it became an Indian run supermarket for a few years but now, like most former corner shops around here, it is a private residence.
It is now a private house.


master brummie
On a snowy day in the 1960s Keith Berry photographed Freer Road, Aston. He had lived in the second house from the right for 25 years.

A streetview today.

On another day in the late 1950s, the Co-Op milkman stopped outside Keith Berry's house so he took a photo as the horse looked up with a mouthful of hay.

No Co-Op milkman there today.
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