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The Valley pub, Billesley


master brummie
Interesting to see the occupants of 847 in 1950. My Nan, Louisa Webb together with her stepdaughter and and step grandaughter Alice and Margaret Gilkes lived there also. I also lived there very briefly with my Mom and Dad around 1951 before we moved to Sheldon. I wonder when my Gran moved in? I always remember her living there.
Only some e rolls are online but 1957 has this

Rita Hawkins

knowlegable brummie
I remember Mrs Trevis in the last prefab by the turning circle. She had a big buddleia in the garden and I used to go and watch the butterflies.
hello Rita! Do you remember my sister at all, Ann Boodle? She would have been 7/8 and I (John) would have been 3/4 in 1950.
I remember there being 2 children next door but I didn't play outside the garden or house very much at first. I would have been 5, so in between the two of you, my sister Doreen was nearly 3.


Brummie babby
Lovely, sadly I don't have any family photos of Brum, only holiday snaps. How wonderful it would have been to have a smartphone in the 1950's.


master brummie
I have posted this picture before on the prefabs thread but here it is againIMG_20170817_0004.jpg
Mom and I outside the front door of 847 taken around 1950/51. It must have been newly built as the garden hadn't been planted yet. Somewhere I have another taken with my Dad "helping" him to dig the garden.