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The Valley pub, Billesley


knowlegable brummie
Still remember that school dentist , can see that grinning ghoulish lady that held the mask to my face.
Saturday at the Tudor, and ice cream on walk home at the newsagents.
And what a fabulous air show and display at the common , Harriers up and down , Vulcan flying over our house in stirchley also all the display aircraft flew over us on route to the common.
Plenty of static displays on ground , dog handling R A F regiment marching and defence displays
Doubt if the R A F have enough planes now to repeat that show.
Wonderful memories of good Ol Brum not that long ago.


master brummie
Streamboy, you brought back some good memories for me.....I went to the same air show on Billesley Common with my family and gazed in wonder as the Harrier Jump Jet - went up and down - as you described it and the Vulcan bomber so loud as to nearly deafen everyone. When we arrived home, the Vulcan flew over our house when we hoped that our windows wouldn't crack with the vibration the plane created.


New Member
I lived right opposite The Valley Pub growing up in the 1970's. 850 Yardley Wood Rd. This was my dad and mom's local pub. They played dominos for the team there also I remember my mom playing darts for 24 hours for charity. I would wait outside in my dad's car playing in the car park and sitting waiting for them to come out when finished. I remember the owner had children Michelle and Terrance. I can remember our coal man called Sid who lived on Chin Brook rd. I can remember the 18 bus terminal and the prefab type houses that was on the side going up Yardley Wood rd, I had a friend who lived in one there and we would go into her shed to play. I also remember the Poppin shop, we called it the 1p shop, I think there was a green grocer by the Poppin shop as I can recall apples being outside in boxes. I went to Billesley Junior School and I walked there by myself in them years without any hassle and felt safe.