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The Two Hands, The Packhorse, The Cheshire Cat and The Harlequin - Shard End!


Brummie Dude
I drove through Shard End yesterday, first time I been round there in years. Couldnt believe that all those pubs are gone.

What do people around there do for a drink without getting the car out ?
there is other beverages besides booze . We lived in shard end 50 years. and saw all the pubs go downhill.
it was not the owners fault.it was the folks that used them. shard end doctors surgery moved from the crescent to occupy the old harlequin site.
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proper brummie kid
Cannot think of another beverage, however the national institution that is the British Pub is a dying one. People, cost, trend, mini series, lack of social interaction all in all.