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The Star cinema


knowlegable brummie
Hi there! The Star cinema was one of my favourites, between 47/51 at least three maybe four times a week we would be there, it was 6d-9d and in the posh seats at the back 1/6d, many a night to see an 'A' film we would walk up and down the queue asking the adults to take us in, most times we got in,once inside we would 'sidle' around to where the mates were sitting, so many good memories, Thanks..


master brummie
Only just found out this thread for the Star which I mentioned this morning in Palace thread. I lived in Abbey Road and passed it every day on my way to Slade Road school. Also before the war used to go every Saturday. In earliest days was on 1d to go in and the went up to 2p. Can't believe it now. Just saved some of the lovely pics. Love the one with the tram