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The price is right


Gone but not forgotten R.I.P.
If anyone watched 'The Story of Light Entertainment' on BBC4 last night (7th Mar) then you would have seen our own Wendy Partridge (moderator) being told to 'come on down' by Leslie Crowther. There was footage of her getting out of her seat and her standing with the other contestants. Mind you, if you blinked you would have missed it, but it was still a nice surprise to see a young Wendy. I am not sure if it will be on catchup TV, but if it is, to save you going through the whole program, the footage is about a hour in, and like I said "blink and you will miss it" :D



Cradley Heathen
I missed it, but would love to know if Wendy can remember, what the prizes were.

Looking back on these programmes, we thought 'Wow' when they showed us a shiny new fridge or a weekend in Paris, now we just think 'Is that it':D:D

So Wendy if you can remember anything about the programme, please share.



I have posted this before as someone found the video. I was the first contestant on the first UK show. We had never had a show with such expensive prizes. There were speed boats, caravans, cars etc. I did win something which everyone finds very amusing. I won a spice cabinet it was in quality pine with every spice, herb and food colour you could think of. OK it wasn't a car, scooter or three piece suite but at least I did win something....lol I think it was about 1984. Michael is in the audience he was sitting next to me we had a laugh. I have been contacted by several people today asking if I saw it. No I didn't we were out in Brum!


master brummie
Thanks for posting the link Postie

That is quite a claim to fame Wendy, being the very first contestant on the first UK show!
I can see you being on that quiz programme where the panel have to guess what you are "famous" for, or where they show the clip and they have to pick you out from of a line up of look alikes - they would have to get a lot of blonde wigs lol. How funny they should show it on your birthday - brilliant - and well done for winning the spice rack - do you still have it?:)

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Wendy I remember it but didn't know you at the time but spotted my friend Sandra in the audience. Small world. You know Sandra and Tom?. Jean.


master brummie
I think that definitely qualifies for your 15 minutes of fame Wendy, but what a great story for your family history!
Hope you enjoyed your birthday.


The buck stops here
Staff member
Wendy, I don't think you realise that you are the ONLY person in the entire World that can make that claim.
Gud on yer our wench.


Carolina, we were actually told to wear bright colours, no checks or stripes as at the time it played havock with the lighting and camera picture....!!

Jim I never even thought of that....how funny!!