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The Palladium Cinema - Hockley


Gone but not forgotten R.I.P.
That was the place where I first got into 'rock'n'roll. I went and watched the film 'The girl can't help it' starring Eddie Cochrane. I was only about 1o yrs old but I became hooked.


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thanks terry its amazing just how many members have fond memories of the pally and as i have said before so sad to see it now in such a state..:(

A Sparks

master brummie
I was in Birmingham for a few days this past week and I passed the Palladium on the bus and noticed the sorry state.
I imagine the inside is probably wrecked by now as it looks like it's been accessed from the side of the building.
I can't see anyone taking it on now, no doubt it will be demolished eventually or (conveniently) catch fire - very sad.


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Some photos from the inside of the Palladium taken recently



master brummie
Some photos from the inside of the Palladium taken recently

A sorry state...but what I remember of the Palladium was that it was one of the hardest cinemas to "bunk into".
Dave A


master brummie
I only went once to the Palladium about 58/59 to see Loving You an Elvis Presley film , with my mate and his Ma and Pa . Lyn I went once also to the Villa Cross earlier than above to see Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier .