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The Onion Fair

Beryl Stroud Edmonds

proper brummie kid
Hi Jean, you mentioned being friends of the Humphries, I knew a Mary Humphries, I was in the same class as Mary, all through our school years. That was Yew Tree Road and Deykin Avenue Schools. Also in the same class was Linda chapman, maybe she was a daughter of May Chapman, who you mentioned in an earlier post.


proper brummie kid
Did they not put an asda here after the ground was sold church or council ??? goose fair in street at Nottingham/


Staff member
Did they not put an asda here after the ground was sold church or council ??? goose fair in street at Nottingham/

yes they did build an asda on that ground ploody...thats gone now and its just waste land at the min...



gone but not forgotten
Yes they did sell out after buying it but they was closed down by the health department for mice infestation and that was reported in the evening mail
And there customers drop off through it it was a couple of customers whom reported the incidence and the health department went in
To investigate and found the evidence for them self's but prior of them moving to the serpertine ground they was in the Birmingham city centre
And they had trouble with there freezers through out the whole shop in the bull ring every day the freezers was creating floods and flooding the store very
Baddley indeed that's when they moved and built it there. Only to find that problem
And it was never used again I reckon they should have just kept it just for the big and only one fair the big onion fair
Just like the Nottingham fair it would have brought more people to the city as well seeing the men dressed in there Pierre out fits and sacks and strings of oninions hang from above and around the bike and necks there was no other fair to compete agaist with the boxers and high divers in a tub of water and the wheel of death
The big question is what will happen to my church , sorry I mean our church Aston parish church will that be in line for a chop at a later date I wonder
Bbest. Wishes astonian,,,,,,,,,,


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Staff member
Here's a photo of the Asda built on the old Serpentine Ground. It was a nice store when it first opened.Asda Supermarket, Witton.jpg


master brummie
They had numerous raffles during the first few days of opening, my late Wife won a huge case of melamine crockery for 6 people with a flower pattern, still have most of it left. On a different topic is not the tip now a Villa car park ? Eric


master brummie
Hi all, I remember living in Park Rd Hockley, When a lad called George who was the son of the Gaffer of the Exchange pub in park rd, who was both deaf and dumb took me to the Onion Fair, for a good night out, he had an unlimited amount of cash and we had an incredible time, it wasn't until we got home that I found out he had emptied the pubs till, after all this time I still remember you George. Regards Eddyjay.

paul stacey

master brummie
Lovely to see all the "Baby Boomers", of which I am one, all looking so happy and healthy, so unlike the photo's of the 30's.

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
I think this is another slide show or Aston Hippodrome. Not sure. Sorry.


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gone but not forgotten
Hi Jean,
All the years I lived in Aston,born and bred and walked up and down that street as a nipper and in my younger days of youth
Even lived across the road from the. Aston hippodrome in the first completed block of flats which was Inkerman house
And the stories of my mother and her mom and of an aunt perks whom was nan,s sister, and they ran a dance school in
The late 1800S early 1900s. In Nechells park road Aston they was all part of a dance troop,I think it was a guy whom ran them
Was Harry Levine and as you know they was all locally lived within the area. Nan was potter hill across the red east the time
My mom was Parliament street then moved to AB Row, Then lived in 1 New canal street but performing in around the old days of the music halls
And theaters stage dancing when in potters hill across the way they had two entertainers living with then appearing at the Aston Hipp
The digbeth centre was a music hall many years ago but it was also connected to the communist club and she told me of her grt grand father
Was a compare at some time she recalls whom would introduce the acts eventually she got pregnant and have to give it up
My name her mother was Bertha, Victoria jelf. ( New Hinton ) she always took her chimpanzee in a large cage with her
Around these theaters and music halls when performing she became well known and became get big friends with billy cotton,
Wee George and sandy Powell they used to travel abroad all five of them about twice a year
And yet I only went into that Aston Hippo,one only in my life and that was down to a school teacher from upper thomas street Aston infants
She took my sister and my younger brother and myself and about three other kids to see jack and bean stalk by bus
That's the only time I ever weren't in there I think I was about eight years old and she bought us sweets and ice cream middle d counties cream
Have a lovely evening Alan,, Astonian,,,,,,

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
:strawberry:What fantastic memories Alan. This is a photograph of my brother Albert and myself on one of the rides.:strawberry:


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Brummie babby
:)there was an artical in the Sunday Mercury this week about the smallest woman on the onion fair
her name was Anita. i remember her very well. my father inlaw had a photograph taken with him sitting on Anita's lap . i also remember the bearded lady who was there.i used to like going on the ghost train
the catterpiller . had some great at the fair.
My great Nan was Mary shepherd she owned the cakewalk and the wall of death which travelled with pat Collins , my grandad was born in Aston pits on the fair , his cousin was artie shepherd who owned stout port fair I’m desperately trying to get info on them x