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The Old Ship Inn



The Old Ship Inn at Camp Hill built in 1560 must have been a wonderful old pub to go in ...but sadly it went many years ago......rumour had it that Prince Rupert used the place as his headquarters when he set fire to Birmingham in 1643.
In the eary days before it became an inn it was a farmhouse and converted to an inn in the 17th century
The Third drawing you can see Holy Trinity Church Camp Hill (the pub has the water trough in front of it
Last pic shows the Ship in 1951 and that to has been demolished


master brummie
On the fourth photo of the Ship above the front door it say's, Prince Rupert's Headquarters, it brings back memories, when the 13a bus used to stop outside we always looked down at the sign.

lynn winterton

i remember the ship, I lived at the bottom of camp hill with my nan when i was little, and my dad told me the same story about prince rupert and something about a tunnel underneath


master brummie
Lovely pictures Cromwell. The one showing Holy Trinity Church - any idea what period this was please?


master brummie
pre WW2 photo


Why might a Birmingham Inn in the 17th century have been called 'The Ship'?? A colleague of mine has suggested it could have been Sheep (old diaect)? I can see the logic in that. Any thought??


master brummie
Some good photos and information in posts 469/470/471 and 474 of this thread: