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The Old Library - Digbeth

Discussion in 'Place related enquiries' started by awpainter, May 16, 2011.

  1. awpainter

    awpainter proper brummie kid

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to find some further information on a building that is now part of the 'Custard Factory Spaces'. I've found a few entries on here of people who have noticed the building but as yet cannot find any further information, there is also a mention from Peter Walker who noticed it in his time in Digbeth but again no further info.

    I can only point you to his thread for further information as to its location/description:


    I'm getting married in August in the iconic St. Edburgha's in Yardley and we're having our reception in this magnificent library but even the current owners know very little, so I've taken it upon myself to do some digging prior to my big day. Maybe I can even help them out a little bit.

    Our intention is to have some big prints of the building in its former glory on the wall for our reception so hopefully we can do it some justice.

    I hope someone somewhere can shed some light and hopefully help me out.

    Very much appreciated,

  2. sistersue61

    sistersue61 master brummie

    Alex, what wonderful places to get married and have a reception in!
    Can't help with more ino, but hope someone else will,best wishes for the day!
  3. ellbrown

    ellbrown ell brown on Flickr

    Do you mean this building - the former Lloyds Bank and Deritend Free Library (when I last saw it, it was used by Turner Violins)

    Turner Violins - former Lloyds Bank and former Deritend Free Library by ell brown, on Flickr

    Turner Violins - former Lloyds Bank and former Deritend Free Library by ell brown, on Flickr

    Turner Violins - former Lloyds Bank and former Deritend Free Library by ell brown, on Flickr

    This is in Pevsner Architectural Guides: Birmingham

  4. awpainter

    awpainter proper brummie kid

    Thanks Sue. I think the trick with this place is to find out what it was originally called, if different from it's modern day name. Another thing to point out is that it was a lending library, apparently one of the earliest according to the owner (not sure how true this is).

    Than you for kind comments, having a day that will be remembered by all as well appreciating some great buildings/history meant a lot to us. As mentioned above I can only hope we do them both justice.
  5. awpainter

    awpainter proper brummie kid

    Ell- that's the one! Yes!

    Those pictures are amazing. What do you know about it?


    Edit- I don't suppose anyone has any pictures of it in it's former glory as a library do they?
  6. ellbrown

    ellbrown ell brown on Flickr

  7. Dave M

    Dave M Pheasey Born Bumper

    ell excellent pics as always :):)
  8. awpainter

    awpainter proper brummie kid

    I will get some pictures on my next visit to give everyone an idea of it's current condition from the inside. A magnificent building inside and out.

  9. ellbrown

    ellbrown ell brown on Flickr

    Thanks Dave

    In Victorian Buildings of Birmingham by Roy Thornton it says

  10. ellbrown

    ellbrown ell brown on Flickr

  11. mikejee

    mikejee Super Moderator Staff Member

    The photo headings seem to imply (please correct me if I am wrong) that the bank was part of the old library building. This is not correct, though they are likely to have been built around the same time. the 1889 map shows the bank being there , separate from the library, though the styles are similar.

  12. Phil

    Phil Retired Layabout


    As requested some photos and a little information on the Deritend Free Library,

    The Deritend Free Library opened on the 26th of October 1896 in the same day as the Central Reference Library and was the third library to open in Birmingham. The library closed in 1940 and 2003 it reopened as part of The Custard Factory. It is the only one of the first five free libraries still standing today.


  13. awpainter

    awpainter proper brummie kid

  14. dek carr

    dek carr master brummie

    I,d forgotten about this building I only remember it as a Bank but it,s nice to see it again and Phils photo in post *12 takes me back to the factory over the road Hadden and Stokes spent time in there losing sweat and blood to earn a crust or two. Dek
  15. ellbrown

    ellbrown ell brown on Flickr

    When I named them (on first upload to Flickr) I copied the title for all the photos, and didn't change it. Pevsner says the bank dates to 1874.

    Went past Digbeth on the bus this evening. Think the former bank is now Hobgoblin Music.
  16. starbank

    starbank Brummie babby

    Just like to say the building was used for local bands/artists around 98/99.

    I played in a band and we had a room upstairs, the people who leased the place also put on a live night, Ocean Colour Scene front man Simon Fowler headlined an acoustic set in the building.

    I was there and sober!

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