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The Number Eight Bus


gone but not forgotten
Hi guys
The good old number 8 bus is still running around today after all these years,still as busy as always and slow in some places around the route the number 8 bus travelling up Muntz street can be a hard time for drivers
But on the subject of Muntz street, Small Heath,
As it used to be Muntz street, was named after George Frederick Muntz,,
Who was the liberal MP for Birmingham from 1840 until his death in1857
And who had perfected the process of Perforating postage stamps,
The Muntz family were of Polish origin and made there fortune from the manufacture of metal bolts and Nails,
The number 8 bus ,and model 3694. Kox694, a Daimler ,Fleet line,,with a Metro Cammell body of a later design and an attractively designed,, V shaped front windscreen,,is still travelling towards Coventry road on the 8 Route in may
And is still in full corporation livery


gone but not forgotten
Hi mike yes but my copyier is not working tonight but will get it sorted some time
During the day time tomorrow and send it to you Alan,,,,


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gone but not forgotten
Hi mikehope you had a nice day,just to let you know
I have now furbished the bus thread from last night wkth the thread of transport
Showing the number 8 bus ad you suggested
Enjoy your week end bexst wishes Alan,,Astonian


master brummie
Good photo, just a small point but the caption leaves out the "F" at the end of the registration, 3694 was registered KOX 694F as it was new in 1967, delivered to Cotteridge garage I believe.



master brummie
Anyone interested in the history of Inner Circle 8 bus route will find the Images of England book, The Inner Circle Birmingham's No.8 bus route an interesting read. It was published in 2002.


There is, incidentally, a companion Outer Circle book.

Both well recommended books. The 8 was subject to a lot of diversions postwar due to the redevelpment of the city and photos of the buses taken during that time often show demolition and rebuilding in progress as well as new road structures being put in place. Even if your not a bus nut like myself the photos are well worth studying.