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The Nelson Public House


proper brummie kid
Can anyone help please. I'm looking for any information or pictures of The Nelson Pub in Small Heath. I've been told that it may have been in Green Lane. My Gt. Grandfather used to frequent the pub and he lived in Baker Street, Small Heath, so I imagine it wouldn't have been too far from his home. Thanks.

John Young

master brummie

Hello Jackie :) Are you sure the pub was called just The Nelson ?
folks always shortened their favourite watering hole,,
eg The Brittania always called "The Brit"
I think it was either "The Lord Nelson" or "The Admiral Nelson"
This will help when "Pub" searchers more knowledgeable come on
to assist you, Ok & Cheers John Y :cool:

John Young

master brummie
The Nelson

Nice 1 Postie :) i remember it now, Lovely photo,
Was it Green Lane up towards Coventry Road end?
Cheers ,John Y :cool:


master brummie
" Old Nelson " pub.

postie. May I ask on this thread if you happen to have a Photograph of the
" Old Nelson " pub once stood on the corner of Rupert Street and Great Lister Street.


proper brummie kid
Thanks to everyone for replying. I've been trying on and off for some years to find information about the pub. Great picture postie. My Grandparents used to run a shop in Grange Road and after my Gt. Grandfather, Alexander McClure, lost his sight, my mother used to fetch his beer in a white jug from The Nelson. She would have only been about eight years old. How times have changed. Thanks Winston, another excellent site. My mother's family were all born in Small Heath so it's very relevant.

Thanks again to you all.


Staff member
hi al. this may be a tough one. looking for pics of the nelson inn that was in brearely st west. ive been told it was pulled down just before or just after the 30s. wales.

Dave Bath

master brummie
Are there any pubs you dont have a picture of?
I ask because I am compiling an album of pubs in Aston and maybe you can save me the trouble!


master brummie
Roger. Sorry my time would be around the mid 1940's, a drink in the " Passage " in Rupert Street and a packet of crisps from the " Outdoor " at the front in Great Lister Street.


New Member
I lived in Hawkes Street, (next street along from Baker Street). I remember there was strafing marks on this pubs walls. My Father told me that these were caused when German bombers attacked the adjacent Butlers factory. He also told me that the, "Gaffer" of the Nelson lost his legs in one of these bombing raids. Does anyone know if this is true?