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The Mongrel

John Young

master brummie
Well Ok ,heres a short story about a short mutt, short & stroppy little mongrel, maybe even physiognomically representatative of its people who loved him during his & their shared time :)
Dad named him Kelpie when he was born,,like an Aussie Sheep dog but wet looking? He said?
   He was about 18 when he barked his last threat,,standing again,st the Brewhouse wall (warm)
He had to lean there when he was so old,,his bark was so tough to do he used to fall over weak legged.

Just amazed he lived to such a good age considering his many scrapes, scraps & near traffic mishaps,
his worst incident involved a terrible fight with a massive Alsation (Local Scrap-yard dog) must have been 5 times the size of the daft mongrel but he just had no fear in him :idiot2:
   Well the Men got them apart eventually with both suffering bad injuries,,Kelpie was torn from shoulder to ear &  loosing a lot of blood,,I carried him home as quickly as I could run.
Mom & sisters were there & started to cry & try to comfort the poor dog with towels & water,
Dad came home just then & seeing the situation said "Johnie,get my razor,theres only one thing to do" :eek:
Mom,the girls & I all thought he was going to,,do the Worst :-[ But he gently shaved the dog & stitched him up with just needle & thread (Army style) & stopped the flow in minutes.
The little dog felt no pain,,due to shock i suppose,& licked his hand while he stitched him.
Guess that daft dog & all of us learned a few lessons that day O0


Nice story John
kelpie was tough because like the people in them days you had to be tough to survive ( or else a vicar ) and he'd have probably made a lousy vicar
Any dog that lives to be 18 must have been well looked after so nothing but good memories there
Mongrels always make the best dogs, these pedigree breeds are often inbred and yampy, that's why I'm glad I'm not a member of the royal family ;)


gone but not forgotten
John, great story of a truly tough character whom it would be an honour to meet in the BAR anytime. O0

David, is that offer still open? ;)


Oh John Y what a lovely story and lovely memory. 18 is a wonderful age - our little fellow made about 17 and was brave to the very end. We miss him so. :'(