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The Miles Family


master brummie
Here it is, the file is too large to post the whole page - hence just Winifred, her mother and a couple of their neighbours - I notice this time she was an ARP volunteer.


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Steve R

master brummie

I have it now and have worked it out, it Evelyn who is a Police Women in the city Police but whoever recorded it put it on the line below. I have never seen this record before can I ask where it is?
You have been very helpful throughout this thread thank you.

Steve R


master brummie
ah yes, light bulb moment; it's the 1939 eve of war register , which is part of my Find My Past membership.

There is more info about the register here - https://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/help-with-your-research/research-guides/1939-register/

or google 1939 register.

Two sets of card index registers had been compiled from the 1939 National Register. In most of the UK, one set of the 'working' register (consisting of 7,000 transcript books holding details of some 40 million registrations), together with an accompanying index, was used to create the National Health Service register in 1948. If a women has married or remarried the surname is crossed out and the married name overwritten.

Should you have Northern Ireland ancestors https://www.irish-genealogy-toolkit.com/1939-national-register.html as long as you have the address there is no charge, or there wasn't for me.

Glad to be of help to you Steve
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master brummie
In post 3 you mention Winifred as Estates visitor City Police. I am not sure what that means exactly. Are we saying she was a Police officer? or stayed in Police premises.

I think in this context the term 'Estate Visitor' could either be what we now refer to as a Housing Visitor or, it could equally be someone employed in the civilian role of the Management/Allocation of Police accomodation, together with responsibility for any maintenance issues or re-decorating.

AFAIK, back then Police Officers were not permitted to own their own housing and had to reside where allocated.


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Of George and Caroline's 3 sons - Percy Reginald, Charles Walter & Lionel John - there's a daughter for Percy listed - Diana J, 1938 E Glamorgan - and a son for Lionel - John, 1939, Islington.

There's deaths registered for Percy & Lionel.

Diana J Radway-Miles married a William A Price, registered 1963 E Glamorgan and had 2 sons, and then re-married a Terence F Flowers (I think) and had a daughter.

Bit late to the Party but stumbled across this thread researching my Tree

Diana J R MILES is my 1st cousin once removed. Our Common Ancestor is George WHITE. who was a Police Constable in the Met, His son Fred (my grandfather ) was a Police Constable in the Rhondda.

Georges brother John was a Police Constable in the Somerset Constabulary

Lionel was married to my Grandfathers sister Dorothy more commonly known as Madge and for some odd reason was known to me as "Uncle Mike" which is the name my dad always called him. My Dad also remembers "Uncle Percy"

Lionel remarried a second time after Madges death

In the more recent records the name has become hyphenated as Radway-Miles