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The Mighty Hood



My mom always told me that there were a large number of Birmingham sailors on the battleship "Hood'. Only three survivors when it was sunk by the Bismark - non Brummies I think. 1448 souls lost.
What does anyone know of Birmingham connections with the Hood ?

Dave M

Pheasey Born Bumper
HMS Hood Memorial Dedicated 25th October 2008,

at the National Memorial Arboretum










master brummie
I remember reading in a book by Kathleen Dyas that her son was serving aboard HMS Hood but at the time she was sunk he was ashore in hospital with a broken leg, lucky or what.
I believe there were four survivors.


master brummie
Hi Darby,official figures always give 3 as the number of survivors, a figure which appears to be universally accepted,-a very great tragedy. Mal.


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
Great Pic's thanx for posting them Dave, I may have posted this before...
My Mom had some very close friends on HMS Hood when she went down, Mom came from a long serving Navy family.
My Gran came from Portsmouth and one of her grandfather's (My 4x G/Granddad) was keeper of the Royal barge after serving many years in the Navy before hand.
My Granddad came from Birkenhead and was an engineer first class who was serving on HMS Hampshire when they married in 1912.
However luckily when it went down in WW1 with Kitchener on board he was on shore working from HMS Victory.
One of my Mom's closest friends from HMS Hood was a young man nick named 'Persil', we never did get to knew his real name.
However Mom said he got the name because the top of his hat was always whiter that the rest and when ever asked what he used his reply was "Persil washes whiter and it shows". Mom always said no one ever did find out what he really used and they never will.


master brummie
A recording of my 1st cousin twice removed, A.V Alexander announcing the sinking of the Bismarck:

[ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ip3XqQDXB4Q"]YouTube - First Sea Lord A V Alexander On Sinking Of Bismarck[/ame]


knowlegable brummie
My Grandfather was due to embark on the Hood however he was struck down with Measels and was in hospital when she sailed.

Key Hill Brian

Proud Brummie
John Pertwee - one of the many Dr Who's had served on the Hood, but was absent for some reason, so never sailed on that fateful voyage.


Tommy Blackwell

New Member
My first cousin twice removed served on the Mighty Hood for the duration of the Empire Cruise between 27th November 1923 till September 1924. In those days indeed the mightiest warship in the world and also when Britain had an empire to police!

Dave M

Pheasey Born Bumper
Hopefully will repost the missing HMS Hood memorial pics in the near future,

this one today