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the marlborough


master brummie
Its on Anderton Road Roger, its a listed building really beautiful inside most of the original features are intact.



Gone, but not forgotten.

Thats true its on the junction of Montgomery and Anderton Rd. I often popped in there for a pint when mooching about in the 60's. I haven't been anywhere near it for nearly 40 years.



gone but not forgotten
hi phil
yes phil it was a cracking pub inside and out appearance wise
it was liam occonors first pub years ago
but he did eventualy sell it on and it was is start to the heavens
of owning pubs across the midlads and through out brum
aqnd a couple of night clubs
best wishes astonian ;;;;

roger a

master brummie
for a listed pub they don,t look after it to well one of the clock faces has smashed ill find the pictures out to show you all.


knowlegable brummie
Hi my Aunt and Uncle run the3 pub i think around 74-75 i have fond memorys of spending a lot of time there


Master Barmmie
Here is the description of the Marlborough from the Historic England Listing. It mentions that the pub was built around 1900 and that the Marlborough appears to have been built on the site of a former building, shown on the Ordnance Survey Map of 1890.

Kelly’s Directory may suggest the building could have been the Postal Money Order Office and Savings Bank.