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The Magpie


master brummie
This really isn't my story,my friend in Great Barr sent it to me and I thought it worth passing on.......
Norma was out gardening this morning, when I heard her shouting my name, I went out and Norma said "there's a big bird here and it's pecking my clothes" there sure enough was this young Magpie with absolutely  no fear of me,in fact it flew onto the bird table,and I gave it a lump of cheese,and it took it out of my hand.I walked away and picked up a piece of bread that had previously been thrown for the sparrows, I then gave this to the Magpie who had followed me, and again he/she took it out of my hand again showing no fear.
It then flew onto the roof of the extension,and I thought it had flown away,so I went indoors and had been in the house  a good ten minutes,when I saw  a movement through the glass door of the living room, I went into the hallway and the Magpie was sitting on the staircase Bannister.
This bird had obviously got into an upstairs window come through the bedroom onto the top landing,  and then flew down the stairs,that was when I saw the movement,so I then opened the front door and shooed him/her out.
The bird has returned many times and is really mischievous in that he will jump into a bucket with weeds in it, and then throw the weeds out,or will p9ck up a piece of wire he has found, and throw that away. If you stand still he pecks at your shoes or clothes showing as I already mentioned no fear what so ever.
He likes a  bit of raw bacon,or as Norma discovered,a wriggle worm,the bird is only very young, and I wonder if at sometime it has been hand reared and escaped,anyway the Magpie keeps paying us visit's and likes it's food. So what do you think of that? any explanations ???
PS since I received this,Norma is frightened to go into the garden because the Magpie pecks at her necklace, I have told her to remove any bright and shiny jewelry she wears. :laugh:


gone but not forgotten
Quite an unusual occurrence. However, after some thought (all of two minutes) the explanation became obvious to me: It has to be the familiar of one of the BRAwimmin. Could be one of two known to habitate that area. ;)

John Young

master brummie
Naah OISIN buddy,,yah got them BRAwimmin ::) Magpie and the Old CROW family mixed up again :coolsmiley:

Agreed that They are all of the same Family genre (Tree,,even :2funny:) Well they love to collect Bright thingies
and go around clucking  & getting into mischief all day & then swoop on us innocents from their giddy heights :'(

Oooh ;) I wonder if my sleight mistigria gets me card marked with a Blue Peter Badge 8) Oooh Maggie :smitten:


I've known several people here to have pet magpies. One man at the company where I worked who was their courier used to take his maggie everywhere. He was devestated one day when it flew out of his van window. He loved that bird to distraction. They are very friendly to humans - particularly those who feed them!!