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The Longboat, Cambrian Wharf


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thanks janice...would imagine plannng permission will be granted...although if the construction co carillion had the contract for redelopment that may pose a problem as they have just gone into liquidation


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I will look and see in a bit. There is an archaeological report - I will try to link it for interest.


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I hope this link works. It is to a heritage report on the site. Sorry the link keeps failing will have to put some other way.

The applicants are Whitehorse Estates Ltd who seem to be property developers.
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Got this message when i tried to look:
The system has encountered a problem while loading the page
Message: An unexpected error has occured while trying to display the document.


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I think that the website reference keeps changing. As it is a pdf file I can't upload it so I will have to paste the best bits separately or I might be able to link the main page and say which document it is.


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thanks for the update BB...will need to pay a visit before june then...sad news although i see that the residents of the nearby georgian cottages are objecting to the new plans and already a very large petition has been signed so its not over just yet

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Not unexpected but it is a great shame. I was lucky enough to spend some nice hot summer's there, sitting on the balcony enjoying a nice view of Summerhill Library with it's terracotta bricks shimmering in the summer heat
I can't see how the new building will complement the Georgian cottages, it's going to be quite overbearing architecturally.


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No Viv, the original factory was one of those asbestos clad steel framed places. I can certainly remember all of the broken-up asbestos all over the place.


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Sakura, I agree with your sentiments but how was The Hole In the Wall connected to the atrocity? That was in Dale End, and as far as I remember it was never bombed.
Yes you are quite right about the hole in the wall pub.. in later times it became Sarah Moons.. then a friend of mine had it and called it The Confession Box... Now it's called PEAKY BLINDERS..


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Just read that they are planning to demolish The Longboat in Cambrian Wharf. I must admt that when I visited it last year it felt a little bit run down, but I always remember the summers I spent there, especially the long hot summer of 1976. Lump in the throat time!

List of pubs that have gone that I still remember...

The Windsor (the REAL one)
The Parisian
The Costermonger
The Pen and Wig
The White Swan (Edmund St)
The Church Inn / Cathedral Tavern
The Bier Keller (Needless Alley)
St. Paul's Tavern (Ludgate Hill)
The Golden Eagle (Hill St.)
The Parasol (Hill St.)
The Crown (Broad St.)
The Australian Bar (Hurst St.)
The White Lion (Bristol St.) (I loved Davenport's Continental Lager!)
The pub above the Bodega , opposite St. Chad's Cathedral
The Philibuster (! desperately tryning to relaim those dead brain cells!)
The Three Horse Shoes (Pershore Rd)
The Red Lion (Vicarage Rd.) (Still much the same, not many left!))
The Nelson (Top of Temple St. near the cathedral)
The Royal Mail (New St.)
Tavern in the Town (New St.)
The Old Contemptibles
The Horse Trader (Horsefair)
The Greyhound (Cider house, Bath Row)
The Glue Pot / Sam Weller's (John Bright St.ory for using up valuable space but I felt I had to try to remember while I still could![/


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Cambrian Wharf brings back happy memories to me 70's and 80's, one of my favourite painting spots when I used to paint direct on the spot (to old for that now). Example attached. EricCambrian Wharf circa 1980.JPG