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"The Grove" Shardlow.


master brummie
My Gt Grandad, Thomas Wells, died in 1945 aged 88 at "The Grove" Shardlow in Derbyshire. He died from dementia, and the death was registered by his Grand Daughter C.O.K. Wells.

I believe that "The Grove" was the hospital section of the Union Workhouse in Shardlow.

What puzzles me is, what was a Brummie doing in Derbyshire?



Barrie, You could give 100 and 1 different reasons.......and take ya pick


gone but not forgotten
Has Cromwell Said There Could Have Been Ioo And One
Reasons ,as To Why He Left Dirty Old Brum
Lets Face It In The Early Days ,
The Air Was Filthy , Smog Regular ,
And In Those It Was Heavy Fog And Smog
You Could,nt See Your Hand In Front Of You
It W3as That Bad When We Was Kids
We Got Our Oil Lamps Out , And Torches
And We Would Help The Tram Drivers To See There Tracks
And That Was There Was No One Crossing The Road
Up And Down The Lichfield Rd Aston
I Am Sure If In Those Days If You Had The Opportuneity
To Move Up Country To The Cleaner Part ,s
I Know I Would Have Certainly Gone .