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The Greet public house


master brummie
I don't recall this pub at all as while I have been travelling along the Warwick Road, my daughter tells me it was just boarded up land.
There is much activity at the moment and it looks like the land is being transformed into some sort of parkland. I wondered if anyone had any knowledge as to what is happening and /or any photos of the original pub.


Gone, but not forgotten.
Hi Bishopsmate.

I used to use the Greet occasionally in the 70's it was a good pub in its day with a bowling green and a large lounge at the rear to be honest I never ever went in the bar so I don't know how busy that got but the Lounge was never what you would call overcrowded.


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gone but not forgotten
Yes Phil
It was a cracking busy pub in its hey day very thriving in the fifties and the mid sixties when all the local factory,s was
Booming and the the degeneration of the area declineing after that period it started to get necleted and trade sank
It closed down for a long time then they brought in a new guy to run it but he was a bad man, he ran off with the taking
Then it closed down and yet again some one took it on but by then the trade was lost
To my knowledge working in the trade its had more new gathers than I have hot dinners
To my knowledge its happen end three times over the duration since it was ever built beleive I have worked for the brewers
For many years along with the guy whom owned the Westley arms acocks green he fell victim of a guy
The took on for a pub down nechells by cuckoo bridge at the bottom of long acre same with the pellam
And the three A AA pub Saltley and the sportsman Saltley gate the list are endless of brewery pub mangers
Doing this sort of things we have them digbeth now just going back a couple of years there,s one
I will not name it nor of the culpritts the pubis still operational still now
Best wishes Alan,,,Astonian,,,,,


master brummie
Along with the Wagon and horses up the road it became a Courage pub.
When I worked locally at the Britannia in the eighties most of the locals preferred to walk to us,than use it.
Now, before anybody says : "That's not the Greet Inn," this photograph was a matter of metres away in Manor Farm Road. I never know if these show the Coronation or the end of war party! Great pic though. Or Greet pic!