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The Gothic - Great Hampton Street


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There is guy on Facebook called Keith Jager whose gt gt grandfather came from Austria and had the pub when it was originally called The Gothic Stores - he may have some interesting stuff for you.


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Thanks for the heads up. Try Andrew Madam on Facebook he might be able to help with old photos.
Plans are online so no probs with that.
Neon sign could cause some debate.
Biggest concern is contractors in administration!

hi brian just a slight correction...its andrew maxam not madam...all the best

Now here's the interesting bit. In the early days of the Gothic, the corner bit had some signage. We can make out the word "beer" but not the other words. What the client wants is to potentially create a nice neon sign saying "The Gothic" to pay tribute to that historical bit.

If anyone would like to help me out and figure out what the old signs actually said (perhaps find better photos or someone who may know?) - be my guest :)

Great Hampton Street - Gothic Inn Good Honest Beer.jpg
Being as one can obtain a 250 year lease for an apartment in The Gothic for only £409,000 plus annual service fee, I am considering moving to a location where it is still a bit edgy, oh sorry, I am supposed to say trendy.
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