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A school friend of mine, George Brierley, used to walk the owners dog. It was a huge great dane, nearly as tall as us 14 year olds. Would've been around 1967.



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I can't say I was keen on the Golden Arrow after I went in there one Christmas morning with my father in law as he lived nearby. It was pretty packed and there was no seating available so people were putting their glasses in any available space. The top of the fruit machine must have had about 10 pint glasses on top of it in various stages of fullness. Two young lads started clowning about and one stumbled against the machine tumbling all the glasses onto a chap seated behind the machine. Of course this then developed into a fight, so we just drunk up and left. I think I only ever went in there once again after that.

I know that the regulars were not happy about it closing, but obviously the property developers got their way and it was closed and demolished after all a couple of apartment blocks in Olton are going to make more money than a pub any day.

Olton Golden Arrow Warwick Rd.jpg


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I spent many a night in the Golden Arrow in the 80's. Loved the place. Our 'friends circle' kept on growing and growing and we took up most of the top half of the pub, then we spilled out into the middle. Had a few arguments with my fella at the time in there too usually over his flirting behaviour lol. I can't think of the gaffer's name at the moment but he was small but very feisty, could handle himself ok. The name Mick keeps popping into my head now. We used to always play pool on table 1, there was 2 there. We would ask the bar staff to put our initials on the board lol, 50p a game. Once one of our friends got his hand stuck in one of the pockets and the fire brigade had to be called out to release him. Also remember playing 'brag' with matches that were bought with money cus we wasn't allowed to gamble inside. Those were the days.
Sometimes we used to go to the Boundary afterwards for more drinking, i was young back then.
Also, the Dolphin was a regular haunt.
All the good pubs are being knocked down....it's a shame.
On my hen night we started at Beagles, then the trader, then the dolphin, then the golden arrow then on to Solihull.
Some years later i worked at the trader for a short while, before that i worked at the great western, which i loved. Fred & June ran it back then. They used to always sit in the snug with the coppers from the station opposite.
I am trying to see if i recognise any names on this thread... hmmm.
One name stands out from the golden arrow days, Ian Wallace, is he on here? lol well, you never know.

Nice sharing memories with you all. ;)
hi I was a regular at the Golden arrow back then the gaffers was called Ray, Ian Wallace was one of my friends back then his family moved from Olton late 80’s.


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The Bridget mentioned in Edmund.s postings #17 & #19 and dwilly's posting #18 was my Auntie, Bridgid Ware. She took over the College Arms on the Stratford Road early 2013 at the age of 75 but sadly passed away a year later in 2014.