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The festival league. [football].


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Ron, I realise that you think I am being unfair to you but please go back to read post 38 and then you may realise what I am on about.
Thanks Alberta
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Hi Bob I played for Stratford star 1968/70 having played for Stratford town and Knowle town at the time. Would love to see any photos of the team during that time. I remember we used to get picked up at the Mermaid pub for the games and getting paid boot money to play. Also it would be nice to hear from any of the players during that period.


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Used to play in the South Bham Sunday Lgein the late 50s but joined the Festival Lge in 1960.Played for a team called Hayden Rgs ,Won a couple of trophys.Then played for Castle Rvs in the Coronation Lge & Weoley Castle in Worc Comb under Stan Hunt Great Manager