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It was one of those warmish nights that one sometimes gets in spring, Ameliaranne Ingham - Brown slid her fur coat from her shoulders as she mounted the steps of the Town hall. It wasn’t a real fur, no those ’Hippy Greenies’ had put a stop to that years ago, and she had so wanted a real fur when she was a child growing up. She heard her name being called from the crowds who lined the steps of the Town Hall and some even had placards wishing her luck “GOOD LUCK AMIE” they read in big bold letters. How she hated being called Amie, still as long as it got her their votes did it really matter? She had been a borough councilor for this area for twelve years, she only needed one more term and she would be voted in as Mayor by her colleagues. Everyone on the council knew that was how it was done. If you could put up with the five terms of the bulls,,,t one did being a councilor then that was your due. If for some reason there was no one with five terms service then it went to the next longest serving councilor. That had never been an issue in the past though this was a very traditional council and borough. In fact Ameleianne often wondered why they even bothered having an election at all. It had been the same faces around that council chamber as far back as she could remember, every so often one dropped off after being Mayor. Then in most cases it was another family member who had taken up the empty seat, just has she had when her Father retired from the council when he became Mayor.
Ameliaranne heard a voice she recognized as she was reaching the top of the steps, she would not have time to stop and challenge the voice. She had deliberately arrived a little later than she should have, so that she could climb the town hall steps all by herself and get the crowds full attention. It had worked; she just saw the tail end of the other candidates going through the main doors as she had stepped out of her Mercedes, door dutifully held open by Jones the chauffer. That voice irked her though “Yum nothing but a Snob” it had said and so loud too, then she always had been loud that Mrs Grimble. Her mind flew back to her school days and Maggoty Grimble, not her real name of course but one she had bestowed on the grubby under fed little daughter of that women. What was that girls name now? Oh yes Lizz Grimble. Always in faded dresses and shoes either too big or too small and as skinny as a rake, it was said she had nits too. Ameliaranne had never seen her getting a note from the ‘Nit Nurse’ however that didn’t mean she hadn’t and she did look the type to been getting one.
“Come on hurry yourself” she heard her father saying as she entered the council chamber, “they’re going to be giving out the results soon. Your closest rival is someone by the name of Margaret E Nourghton”. He was saying. “I’ve never heard of her” said Ameliaranne, “No” said her father “She’s some wench who married into the Nourghton’ law firm family, you know, you liked the son at one time Bobby or something.” Robert Nourghton yes she knew alright, what a nerd he had turned out to be and no fun at all. This Margaret women, was welcome to him who ever she was.
“Coles (Greens) 394” Ameliaranne heard the voice of the Town Clerk saying. “Dunbar (Lib 2,560)”, “Franklyn (Lab)1,365”.Oh she’d done it, she’d done it Ameleianne started to get ready to receive her accolade …“Ingham-Brown (Con) 3,427”
Wait a minuet that can’t be right? Where’s the other 4,000 odd…“Nourghton (Alliance) 4, 394” All of a sudden she felt very cold, she’d lost! No fifth term for her and no Mayoralty either, that would go to ‘Leggy’ Allen her father was saying. It was at that moment she saw a very elegant and attractive women step forward and knew exactly who Margaret E Nourghton was…


Dorothy Dodson

Oh i do love a tale with a twist to it - Good'n

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