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The Call Of The...Lid!!!


master brummie
Control of your life is greatly overrated. The ability to adapt and overcome lifes problems is a much better skill and when succesfull leaves you with that warm feeling knowing you not lost the old touch yet.


master brummie
Staff member
Enjoyed reading your story very much Rupert. The dog falls for it every time
though. So you are in control to a degree or so. Reminds me of when we lived out in the wilds and had to get the cat in at night because of various creatures that were about. She wouldn't come so many times when we called her and probably hid and was watching us the whole time. In the end we got the electric can opener from the kitchen and plugged it in on the
patio, then ran it for a few minutes...this worked every time. She never seemed to mind that there wasn't a tin being opened!


Lubrication In Moderation
That was a great read Rupert.:)
Ever thought of clanging the lid and not having a biscuit ready, then seeing the reacton of your dog:D


master brummie
Me and and a balmy Labrador lived together for ten years. I found bribery always worked when it came solving problems. It was also jealous of any female ,it had more tricks than a cart load of monkeys. If I started chatting up any likely female it used to go into "I am dieing" mode. If that did not scare off the lady then a skin tingling growl from beneath the table, followed by a blood curdling howl would get all three of us thrown out of the pub.
My stay in hospital meant Labrador changed allegiance to the grand children who were a never ending source of goodies. It also gave me a chance to mix with civilised company once again and meet my second mrs.


master brummie
Thanks for the replies. I find that a dogs senses are much more acute than human ones. When in their prime anyway...older dogs almost invariably loose their hearing to some extent. The same lid worked with our other dog Monty, another pug like Rupi in the avatar but a fawn one. I did try the experiment with a different lid and most of the time, with both of them, no response.
Even when he is in the house, with the windows closed and with no view outside, the dog knows when other dogs are walking by on his patch. It's amazing.