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The Box


master brummie
Thanks for your words both. I know Paignton and Torquay and Babbacombe area very well Anthea. You live in a super place. Spent a few pleasant hours in a deckchair by the harbour and playing cricket around the point a lifetime ago.


gone but not forgotten
hi rupert
thank you for putting that poem up on the thread
just of lately we do not have any poem writers on the thread
i myself have been known to write a couple along with one
or two other members ,but unfortunely my life in these last nine months i have found to be very troublesomand stressful
my dutchess is,ntto well andthe loss of brothers
and put me out of sauce i am going away abroad next saturday sd hopefully i could be in the frame of mind and relaxed
and may be i can put pen to paper
i really enjoy poetry and reading it
yours was wonderful and i found it calming and serene
many thanks again i am sure our other poets seeing that may inspire somthink to write
especialy with christmas onthe door steps - thanks
have a nice day every body best wishes astonion ;;;

David Weaver

gone but not forgotten
Really lovely this is, that's why I'm cleaning out my box too, never know what I might find. Regards, David