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The Birmingham Weekly Mercury Newspaper



I wonder if any member could give me any information on The Birmingham Weekly Mercury ?.

I was at the National Motorcycle Museum today at an antiques fair being held there, i purchased this interesting token/coin, i wonder if the 50 quid is still up for grabs LOL2015-11-01 18.34.40.jpg2015-11-01 18.33.20.jpg THANKS ALL


gone but not forgotten
Hi guys
i have a sneeky feeling that was the early days of the weekly mercury became the sunday mercury every sunday morning
and i think there was some tokens given out to the public or advertised through there sunday mercury or they was handed out in the begining of later became bingley hall home exhibition where they hidden and planted a series of blue stars beneath or under or above an house hold goods
inside fridges and under carpets in fact any where within the bulding and that would have been given as a cash prize
i cannot remember when the first exhibition took place there but i do know the sunday mercury used to print prize tokens as well many years
and years later in the fifty nine 1960 whilst walking around the exhibition and you are still looking for that blue star a mail or mercury representer
would walk around amongest the crowds and he would be looking out for people carrying the news paper under there arm thats what you had to do to stand a chance of winning a prize of 25 quid so if you was lucky enough to buy a paper and must be carring under your arm and tell him a pass word
which they actualy done in the mercury ; unless anybody knows different thats my opiniun of recalling some think like that
when that was on at the exibition there news papers rocketted best wishes Astonian;;; alan;;