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The Birmingham Pals in the Great War


Ex-pat Brummie

Yes, it is. Go to the Moseleians site here https://www.moseleians.co.uk/galleries/ and click on Birmingham Pals, and you will find that one and many more like it. Unfortunately, the school photo that I referred to in my previous post, doesn't show a lot of the building and would not be appropriate on this thread.



master brummie
Viv, what was 'shirt parade', do you know?
Lady P
I think you'll find it was as it said, a parade to be issued with new shirts. (The Army DO love their parades !).
The men look like they're still wearing their Birmingham Battalions uniform, at the time when they were tranferring to Service Dress.


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Always crosses my mind too Lady P looking at all of these photos. In the photos they look so fresh and proud. Viv.

terry carter

Birmingham Pals
1 Bham Sutton Park Station Platform 26 June 1915 a.jpg
1 Bham Sutton Park Station Platform 26 June 1915 a.jpg

Sorry I've not posted for quite a long time
This is a cropped photograph that I have of some members of the 1st Birmingham Battalion (14th Royal Warwickshire) on the platform of Sutton Park Station with family and friends prior to the battalion's departure to continue their training at Wensleydale in Yorkshire. 25 June 1915
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master brummie
Brilliant photo Terry, I am still hoping that there may be a photo of my grandfather somewhere out there !st/5th Royal Warwicks. Joined 1913, demobbed 1919.


master brummie
I've only just noticed this photo, (May 6th). I love how natural everyone looks, so much better than the stiffly - posed ones that were the norm in those days.
I'm surprised Angela Merkel managed to get in on the act though !