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The Antique

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Robert Harrison

Of what use is it this dome that surmounts
A rickety, shaky off times quivering bowed
Framework of old worn out blemished
Looked upon as a relic of ancient times, tolerated
As one would anything that still may serve some
Purpose in the short life given to it out of pity
By they who keep it for some forgotten sentimental
Or by the grace of God it remains as a reminder of what
It once meant to someone, in that at some point it had its
Usefulness giving joys to both young and old. Now it
Was no longer up to the task of what was still expected
Of it.
Times had changed, but it could no longer keep up with
The changes, much preferring to remain comfortable in
That which it knew, that which it understood and felt
That all was right with the way it was.
Therefore in all of its antiquitous state there is something that
Defies the changes which would have its firm foundation
Undermined, its purpose for being destroyed. This it could
Not allow; it could not betray its creator. It must always
Remain that which it was designed for.
No one would intentionally admit to its being finally
Reallocated to another home, it just happened.
Its weathered aged spotted dome, adorned far less now
Than when it was first shown the light of day.
So it waits to be turned back into that from which it came.
This boy who became a man, a husband, father, grandfather,
Great grandfather, this relic of a by gone age.

©Robert Harrison 2006