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There are a few people who go out of their way to help with this particular section of the forum who perhaps almost never get a mention. JKC & Old Timer are perhaps two who should be thanked for their tireless research on behalf of others especially with Genealogy. I am sure that some of you might have other forum members who you know deserve some praise for their efforts.

Please use this thread if there is someone you know deserves a pat on the back for their help in your research.


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I think Alberta should also be thanked for her contribution in look ups also I think they are all very kind people to be so generous with their time.


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:D Rod not sure if this is a good idea :?: due to the fact some help is not always been visual on the forum.
I have had a lot of help from people and have also given a lot back . The thing is, that a lot of what I received, and have given has been viva PM and email and not put on the forum itself ( although a small amount has).
I always thank people who put themselves out for me and have always been thanked by the people I have helped too.
I feel by naming names some people may get left out, as some of the people they have helped or who have helped them may no longer need to use the forum for their research and in that case not read this thread. :)


Do you have to name them? just saying thanks can be enough? I just feel its important for people to have the oppurtunity if they want. As for not seeing it, well it's perhaps the spirit in which the thanks are given.

What do other people think? I get emails thanking the site for this and that, I must say I see a much bigger picture. So many folk use their time helping others on the forum and I know at times their efforts go unrewarded.


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TY TY TY TY TY TY TY TY..................

I too thank people who have assisted me personally, usually via email, and visa versa. I wouldnt use this thread, to pass on a personal thank you in particular, but I think theres room for both.

Like Sylvia and Rod have said, people who read the forum (particularly the geneology section) and offer helpful snippetts/support/look-ups, deserve a global pat on the back too.

I cant actually find an example to site (me thinks its cus of Rods recent 'have segators will prune posts') but when I have asked for help or information, I receive PM's and e-mails, which I individually thank. But, its also nice to write a generic thank-you.........' thanks to everyone who has helped me with this query'
This thread I just see as going one step further, as a special Thank You, to people who assist many. I dont want to give JKC an enormous head, but, if you read the geneology section, as I do when I moderate, he's frequently and consistantly responding to peoples plights, and I think a little public accolade is appropriate.

As I have said in other posts, when I have seen John and Rod at events, I have witnessed numerous people being bought over to their area, for them to Scan material, copy old photos etc.... They do this, even when they have been denied access to the material for the site themselves!

I went to The Heartlands Society open day, on two consecutive days, and Eric was busy organising and helping people, and Brian donating his time and efforts to raise monies for the Society. I'm sure they received personal Thank-you's, but as an observer, and having made no contribution, I do tend to stand back and think 'well done, I hope all your efforts are appreciated'

Many good deeds are personal and private, and are not appropriate, for inclusion in this thread. Many people, do not want to court public adoration. I feel the thread is not for just listing one to one thank-you's, thats NOT to diminish them in their own right, its just to allow general thoughts and feelings to be expressed.

Sylvia's post says it all for me - its short and to the point ( a concept I struggle with, as you see :roll: ), but says oceans. :D


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The "core" members of this group re all to be thanked for so many things
regarding research on this group. The admins as well, of course. The Genealogy section is a case in point since the queries are generally answered or ideas about how to track down certain information is so forthcoming in every case practically. It makes this group very special
indeed because it shows kindness and genorosity of time, etc. I
thank you all so very much.


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:D Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying not to thank people, I'm just saying I don't think individuals should be named. For a number of reasons, not in the least the reasons I've already mentioned.

Sue I know you and the rest of the team and the people already mentioned put a lot of time and work in to the whole forum and site, but you don’t get to see all the ‘Private emails’ that get sent direct (People swap email addresses) between individuals relating to Genealogy look ups, that have been asked for on forum, but get answered off forum.

Everyone gives as much of their valuable free time as they possibly can to help out. Every helper is equal to each other and should be awarded the same Consideration and thanks. An individual being named takes that equality away in my view.

Sorry if I'm not explaining myself very well :oops:, or you don’t agree but that’s my view and I will say no more on the subject except .
Thank you all


thanking people

i dont know a lot about anythink really especially computers. but if i can help anyone on this forum i will. as i think you are all gt people.maryx


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I am only too happy to help in any way possible.Searching for answers is something that I enjoy but I think anyone who contributes to any area of the forum by their postings deserves 'thanks'.Memories have been stirred,thoughts,laughter and tears have been shared and new information learned as well as friendships forged.What would we all do without our daily dose of the Forum.Thank you everyone for doing a grand job.


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I would like to thank Karen "H" who not only looked up some BROUGH christenings for me in the library,and took the time to post copies to me AND told me that she had done a lookup for someone with an interest in the same family,and suggested I get in touch with this other person SO as a result I have found a 4th cousin!!! Thanks again Karen "H". Margaret :D :D


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I would like to post a note of thanks to John Houghton and Pomgolian. They have been very kind to me, a newcomer. Their help has been invaluable.


John Young

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I would like to say Thanks to All the good people on here who have helped me, Genealogically (Oh that hurt :crazy2:
and on other Topics generally on this very "Sharing & Caring Web-Site*, This IS what makes IT the BEST.

When i have managed to assist others here its been a reciprocation of the above mentioned Values, :)

I am with Pom/Chris on not naming Individuals :-[ because Everybody deserves equal plaudits However
They contribute & help in any way that they can, Cheers Everybody O0 John Y