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Tascos Co-op


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Just a guess but possibly Associated Union of Cooperative Employees, if there was such a thing


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A Stirchley & Ten Acres Co op shop on Castle Square, Weoley Castle. The image was taken in 1959, this is the only knowledge I have of this shop as I have been on Castle Square only once in my life and that was about forty years ago.

Weoley Castle Castle Square 1959.jpg
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My grandfather Mr Baldwin was a baker who worked at the TASCOS Bakery at the corner of Mary Vale Road and Charlotte Road. I lived there with him and my grandmother from about 1942 till 1957. I have a copy of the definitive history book on the society "Seventy-Five Years of Co-operative Endeavour" by Harry M. Vickrage published in 1950. It has lots of pictures of Co-op shops!