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A Brummie Dude
we lived there for 6month,on belgrave estate.the only thing i liked about tamworth was the beer in the scotsman pub.:D


proper brummie kid
we are not all like that there are good and bad wherever you go and the drunken idiots on a saturday night give every body a bad name sorry for your bad experience but i love living in tamworth !


A Brummie Dude
jue12, it was all right really.i had a job at a firm making wooly jumpers for m&s,when on nights i had a play with the settings of the machine,and the knitted jumpers come out about 6ft long and all shape's,i got the sack:D
the gaffer went mad at me.at that time there was 3 wheel cars everywere
even the postman had one.:D


master brummie
My sister and her husband had a second-hand shop in Tamworth, opened it in the sixties, they then went upmarket and relocated to Lichfield, where they lived, and started an antique shop, they sold up and emigrated to Australia in 1970. In all that time i had never been to Tamworth


master brummie
Good Morning everyone or should I say afternoon, 5-30am here in Vancouver and raining.
I had to jump in when I saw the pictures of Tamworth, I used to go there often in the late 40s early 50s to the baths on the castle grounds and the market on the w/e, brings back lots of good memories. Last year I brought my daughter to England for the first time, we visited all my old haunts, sadly it has all changed so much. For those of you who went to Tamworth on the bus through Bassetts Pole on the old Tamworth Rd ( no longer there ) we had a garage and shop there only the house remains the rest is now a major highway. So sad to see.

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Hope I did not offend you Tamworthites only the area we were going to move to has gained an awful reputation. Mind you so have many others over the years. Jean.


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Well done Jue you tell them:)

That Jean dont like anywhere but Arley:D


proper brummie kid
no offence taken although we are now known as tammies we would not be members of this forum if our roots were not in brum


master brummie
What Lovely pictures of Tamworth I lived there in the 60s we lived on Station fields caravan park for 3 years. ( By the railway station ) Then we moved to Glascote. I still have a black and white print of Tamworth Town hall on my wall that a friend gave me when I left. I thought it was a nice place to live in those days.


master brummie
tamworths not that bad
ive been here 28 years and it has its good and bad points like everywhere else
one thing i will say if tamworth had been left alone instead of having the heart ripped out of it , it would have mad a lovely historical town
all it is now is a mish mash of ugly 1960's buildings in ghost town
as since ventura has been built most people in including myself tend to do our shopping there

The Baron

master brummie
Great pics, I think Tamworth has the best shopping areas around & sports for all


master brummie
Staff member
Two places I always visit when I am in the Birmingham area. One is Tamworth
and the other is Lichfield. I have great memories of both places. Tamworth especially. I shall have to go and have a look at Ventura.

The Baron

master brummie
Theses are just 4 pics of me trying to get my head round wind surfing at that lake at Tamworth when the wind was non existant LOL:D


The gardens always look lovely at this time of year. A nice setting for weddings that now take place at the castle.