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Tales from the Barn. by Graham Fisher


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Went to a presentation by Graham Fisher on Thursday. He is not a Brummie, but a lad from the Black Country who is as fascinated about that area as many of us are about Birmingham . He is an aficionado of the canals and, although admitting to never having blown any glass in his life, a strong ambassador of the Black Country glass industry, speaking on all these subjects with great eloquence and passion. The presentation I went to was of his new book, "Tales from the Barn", where he roams over many Black country associated subjects, including similarities to the area of the Welsh borders where he now resides in a (very attractive looking) converted barn. It is actually a written version of some radio presentations aimed particularly at the visually impaired, and produced for the Beacon Centre in Sedgeley, though I gather that organizations around the country have also carried then. All the money from the book goes towards helping maintain the Beacon Centre. The book is chatty, interesting, fully of quirky tit-bits, and well worth reading
In addition, if you are interested in canals and the glass industry, then "Jewels of the Cut 2" is also well worth a visit