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Sydney/Sid Burrows May Lane, Hollywood/Wythall Area


master brummie
Hi, Does anyone know of a Sid/Syd Burrows who lived in May Lane, Hollywood/Wythall Maypole, area. He also was the foreman of a factory, but can't remember what it was called. He also had a son called Michael. Does anyone know of him or what happened to him?


gone but not forgotten
hi there
just wondering whether or not is there any family connections to stanley burrows of hockley ;
the kid went to ickneild street and then he went to a boarding school in south wales mommouthshire
a place called tymawr boarding school in the fifties ; he had a friend called mr keysley always wore a light blue blazer ;
as i thought i would mention this in case there may be a chance of connection ;i to would dearly love to track stan down to meet up with him
he had a friend clled stepenl leaopold and barry hill as close friends of his ;
i beleive some one wa trying to track is mother he lived around the flat in those days ;
best wishes astonian;;