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Sweet Abandon



Butterfly wings flicker,
Dance sprightly among the buttercups.
Petals softly kissed
By the iridescent fans.

Radiant amber hues
Brushed with heavenly garden palettes.
Diamond crusted jewels
Adorn every emerald stalk.

Sunlit breezes wash,
Imbue the air with divine perfume.
Harmonious dusk bouquets
Drift freely to and fro.

Serenity fills my being,
Swept away are inner doubts.
Free to soar among the fireflies.
Lost am I in sweet abandon.



master brummie
Cheryl, I just went to the quick reply and then realised that I don't know what to say.
It's wonderfull and I am afraid thumbs are inadequate.
Well done


master brummie
Staff member
Thanks Cheryl. That poem says just what I have experienced in my garden today as the sun was going down and the butterflies and dragon flies were flitting and swooping
by. The evening scented stocks were giving out such beautiful perfume. The sun left the sky and I felt very serene.