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Sutton Park


OldBrit in Exile
In 1954 we raced our bloody bikes in Sutton Park. This photo shows that, I am in pack hanging on as a team mate Fred Hopkins gives it a go at the front. Very competitive racing those days I was 21 could not race on the open roads due to Police rules
20191206_094805_2 (1).jpg

Bob Davis

Bob Davis
What club did you ride for? I was with the Midland C&AC John Bishop also a member of BHF did an article on the club in this forumView attachment 140711
We were not with a club, three or four of us were given the OK to keep out of the way of you experts and ride as individuals, but we were not really good enough and the early starts were to much for us so after three or four sessions of dropping out halfway through we retired.

Eric Gibson

master brummie
I used to cycle for leisure not sport, racing around and seeing nothing always seemed to be a daft idea.

From when I was about thirteen I'd get on my bike on Sunday morning and take off to Stratford, Evesham, Worcester etc. or go the other way up to Lichfield, Tamworth, Derby, even Stoke on Trent and Nottingham.