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Sutton Coldfield War Memorial


A Hockley Lass
I am currently researching the names of WW1 fallen of Sutton Coldfield War Memorial.
There are 355 WW1 names on the memorial and I've been successful in tracking down the majority of them. However, there are a few that I am struggling to find and/or find the relationship to Sutton Coldfield.
I am listing the names as they are on the memorial and would be glad of any help anyone can offer.

Garner W
Goodwin W
Green H W
Green T W
Jackson G E
Jeans F
Jeffries G A
Johnson W H M
Knott E M
Mercer T
Mercer W
Owen W
Perrett D - this name is inscribed twice on the memorial I have found one - DV Perrett.
Platt W
Pring P
Seeley H
Slater J H
Woodward H I

Any help with these names would be truly appreciated

Thanks - Trish.


A Hockley Lass
Hi Janice,

Yes, there are a couple of names that are the same as Boldmere St Michael's, and they are problematic.

However, if any one can help, that would be great.
I've posted the list here because it's mind boggling that I cannot currently find anything.

I have found a reference to a Mercer surname, but it quite simply says that he died at the same time as another WW1 casualty but no indication of first name or initials.

Regards, Trish.


master brummie
I will have a look and see what I can find. WHat info do you want if I can find any??



master brummie
Hi Trish

I wonder if this is E.M. Knott? Details taken from CWCG

E. M. Knott
Died 03/05/1919
Captain - Royal Air Force 1st Communication Squadron.
Awards: AFC
Grave Reference: A. "C". 413 Sutton Coldfield Cemetery

I believe AFC means Air Force Cross.



Super Moderator
Staff member
A master at Bishop Vesey's published a book listing all the ex-pupils who fell during the Great War. You may have already used it in your earlier researches, Trish, but I mention it just in case you haven't...



master brummie

CWCG has a Harry Woodward (no initial "I" though) who died 06 June 1917 aged 23. Lance Corporal, service No. 14/723 Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 14th Bn.
Cemetery, Boldmere (St. Michael) Churchyard. Grave reference 060.
Son of Sam & Eliza Woodward, 266 Highbridge Road, Wylde Green, Birmingham.
Ancestry has his place of birth as Sutton Coldfield.
Think his birth was registered as Henry Ivins Woodward OND 1893 Aston.


master brummie
Hi Dave M

How interesting that you have these pics. Did you go round taking photos in case they came in useful?

Well done.


Dave M

Pheasey Born Bumper
Hi Dave M

How interesting that you have these pics. Did you go round taking photos in case they came in useful?

Well done.

Suzanne I`m a volunteer for The War Graves Photographic Project


A Hockley Lass
Dave M,
thank you for posting these pics, excellent stuff.
I had partial information for E M Knott, but you have given me more, how I missed the CWCG is bewildering, I have been cross referencing everything so must have confused myself!

I do have the info fo H Woodward, but there is also H I Woodward.
On the 1911census I have found Henry Irvin Woodward of Highbridge Road Sutton Coldfield, but cannot as yet find any military info on him.

I have also been trudging round the local cemeteries taking pictures of the headstones of WW1 fallen.
I would advise anyone who does this at St Barnabas in Erdington to be extremely careful because in certain places it is vey over grown and also very uneven ground, so make certain of a sure footing.

regards Trish


A Hockley Lass
Hi Janice,
Any info at all would be great, service record and personal details, as much as you can find/offer.



master brummie
H W Green:

[h=2]GREEN, H W[/h]Rank:Second LieutenantDate of Death:16/08/1917Age:34Regiment/Service:Royal Sussex Regiment 5th Bn.Grave ReferenceVIII. E. 5.CemeteryVLAMERTINGHE NEW MILITARY CEMETERY[h=3]Additional Information:[/h]Son of Mrs. Green (now Stanton), of The Cottage, Shenfoot Lane, Four Oaks, and the late William Green. (I suspect this should be Sherifoot Lane Four Oaks).

I will see if I can find him on the censuses to confirm his name.


A Hockley Lass
Herbert William Green, I also found him today Janice.
Thank you, we are inching our way forward on these names.



A Hockley Lass
Although I found him on CWGC, I have yet to find Herbert W Green on census.

However, I have found another one:

KELLEY, VICTOR JAMES (surname spelt Kelly in census)

Service No:
Date of Death:
The King's (Liverpool Regiment)

10th Bn.
Grave Reference
North of West end of church.
Additional Information:
Son of Mrs. H. E. Hart (formerly Kelley), of Ash Farm, Minworth, Birmingham, and the late Joseph Kelley.



master brummie
I too have not found Herbert William Green on the census but I did find his Mother and Stepfather at the address listed on his CWGC record.



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Sarah Ann Green married George Stanton in 1902.

Found Herbert on the 1891 living with his aunt Elizabeth Rugg Wright(mistranscibed Waight) in Daventry.

Herbert William Green birth registered Wincanton (area for Bruton where he was born) Somerset Dec 1892.
He was the son of William Green and Sarah Ann Williams who married in Exeter in 1869 when Sarah was 20 years old.
Sarah Ann Williams born 1849 was the younger sister of Elizabeth Rugg Williams born 1841 both in Heavitree Devon.
Possibly living with his aunt to give his Mom a break, LOL.
children of Sarah and william all born Bruton
1870 Allan
1873 Ada
1875 William
1877 Maude
1879 Ethel
1880 Edward
1882 Herbert
1885 Tom
1886 Frederick

William Green died in 1886. Bruton.
Sarah and the children minus Herbert are at Trendle Hill, Bruton,Somerset in 1891.
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