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Street directorys,


master brummie
Hi..is there any street directories in birmingham to view or a link,plz..from 1890- up to the present day..who lived in this street..years ago..


Hi christy, there's a website called Historicaldirectories.org (put www. in front, don't know how to do a link!)
They have a lot of directories for various districts and they are free. They aren't up to present day though. Hope this helps.


Thank you Jim, I wasn't sure how to. Happy New Year, thanks for the Forum too.
rosie. ...(no capital R, It's easier to log-in in lower case!)


master brummie
Hi Christy,
Most sites with Directories are pay to view as far as I know, except for the one which rosie mentioned.


is a very good site...you can search for free but you have to pay to view the entries..last time I subscribed I thought it was very reasonably priced.
Ancestry.co.uk has the Midland Electoral Rolls which are really useful, but again you have to pay.
There are Kelly's Directories in Birmingham Library but you would need to enquire as to the opening times because they are preparing to move premises...
Hope this helps