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stevens Alfred william


master brummie
Hi i wonder if anyone can help. I am trying to find any info on Alfred William Stevens 1819 - 1892 i believe he was on the isle of wight, and i think he was a policeman. He was married to Julia stevens. I can trace her further back but not him. He is my GG grandad, and i would love to trace his dad. Many thanks i hope someone can help.


gone but not forgotten
Re: Alfred william stevens

There is a building which is an old small house in tewkbury
with a round ciclular plaque on it which was from around the era which it states
alfred william stevens [ showman ] i think it said was born here alng with some other inscrpton on it
there may be long time connetion to your family i went to see this plaque after an old friend
of mine and was a member of this forum pointed me towards this on the forum
as my family are also stevens afew years ago and this was put on by a very good well knowledgeable
guy with great knowlege but i am afraid to say was banned from the site
i hope the moderaters do not mind me mentioning is name to day on the forum [ cromwell ]
have a nice day every body best wishes Astonian ;


master brummie
Re: Alfred william stevens

Hi there,I've had a quick look,but the only Alfred Stevens I can find,who was a policeman,was born circa 1827 at Carisbrooke,Isle of White and married to a Charlotte.At the time of the 1861 census,he was a Police Superintendant in Cornwall.


master brummie
Re: Alfred william stevens

Thank you for your help, i have something to look into. thanks again. stars