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St Michael's School RC, Floodgate Street, Digbeth

Discussion in 'SCHOOLS, COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES.' started by smiler, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. smiler

    smiler knowlegable brummie

    Did anyone go to St Michael's RC School, Floodgate Street, Digbeth ?

    I cannot find any mention of it anywhere, this school was a Catholic School, bombed out of Bordesley Street in the Second world war and moved to the old Floodgate Street School, Digbeth in about 1943.

    This school educated!!!! many rough and ready catholic 'brummie' lads, some of whom went on to be 'millionaire's',(to my knowledge) but I have never found anyone posting anything about this school.

    Post war the headmaster was Mr McCoy, who's reputation was legend, it was a hard school where boxing was encouraged for a preparation for later life.

    Well where are the old 'boys' what have they done!! Did their time at' Saint Mick's' see them all right in life? You know that you are out there!!

    I went there 1958-63, it was an 'education' but stood me in good stead through life and allowed me to retire independent at 54!! not so bad!!!

    So any memories out there!!!! Will anyone contribute, please.
  2. Jerry

    Jerry Guest

    That little hard man McCoy is well remembered and St Michael's boxing club was legendary.
    When I get the time to track it down I'll send you a staff photo that I've got which includes the giant Mr Holsey, an ex heavyweight boxer who, when he wasn't belting kids with a cricket bat used to also teach boxing and, believe it or not, music!
  3. smiler

    smiler knowlegable brummie

    Yes, I remember Mr Halsey he was about 6'4'', I remember him as being fair but in those days a quick back hand was part of the 'education'.

    He had a number of brothers all of the same size, one was a Police Officer in the Birmingham City Police.

    Do you remember 'old' Joe Parker, always had a fag hanging out of his mouth, even in the class and blowing ash everywhere. I remember he was deadly with a blackboard rubber at 20 pace's.

    Well that makes 2 of us who went to 'St Mick's', there must be thousands of others, boys and girls out there, I look forward to reading their memories and how attending there stood them in life.
  4. bobsummers

    bobsummers 60's Townie

    Well guys I also went to St Micks for two terms in 1A Joe parkers class, sat next to Jonnie Griffin who became a B'ham counciller I believe. Yes I was in the class when Joe Parker was arrested due to a complaint from one of his girl students. There's a lot of activity & photos on the friends united site.
    I hope you like the 1st year football team. Any one know the missing names?
  5. Mossy

    Mossy Guest

    Hi Bob i did not go to Saint Micks,i went to Saint Marys Hockley
    I boxed for my school,i can remember going to St Micks to box it was a big school compared to ours i fought a kid from there three times,home and away,and met him again in the early rounds of the school boys A B As it would not be fair to mention his name on here

    Some time back in one of Chinnys mags there are some good photos of St Micks boxing team and he is on the photo if i can sought it out i will let you know what edition it was in i will PM you
    forgot to metion i beat him three times
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  6. smiler

    smiler knowlegable brummie

    The names that are missing are:

    Desmond KELLY(full name) Peter HART, John LOVELL, Bobby HALL and in the middle with the ball John HAMES.

    Still a couple to name, I hope this helps.
  7. bobsummers

    bobsummers 60's Townie

    Smiler thanks for the info but my memory is not as good as when I was there in the flesh.
    Whats the position of john Lovell is he the one to the right of Micky Floody? Which one is Bobby Hall? and I will then correct and post new photo. Where you in 1A class?
  8. smiler

    smiler knowlegable brummie

    Sorry about the delay in answering this Bob, been busy, well to put the name's to faces.
    Back row, from left, Peter Harte,John Mullen, Desmond Kelly, Micky Floody,John Lovell, Not known, then you.
    Front row from left, Not known, Bobby Hall, John Hames, John Griffin, Not known.
    Obviously with Old Joe Parker at the back, the only time he never had a fag in his mouth!!

    I have the footbal team photo from the previous year which I am on, I will try and post it.

    I will now keep a regular eye on this thread to answer any questions you might have.

    What surprises me is that all the kids who went to St Micks there's only you and me who seem interested in remembering it, perhaps they all had bad memories, personally I though it was a rough and ready education but what else did we expect in the 50's after the war!! Its what you did after what counted. Much better in the 60's and 70's as you have shown by your stories and photo's around town.

  9. bobsummers

    bobsummers 60's Townie

    thanks Smiler would love to see your photos
  10. thomasmc555

    thomasmc555 Guest

    I was at that school for a year, remember Mr Parker, don`t remember any of the rest. Someone said it was a rough school, maybe maybe not. Went to a few places in Ireland and things were just as bad. Thomas 1971 class Ist year
  11. boomerang

    boomerang Guest

    Hi i went to st michaels school started around 57, remember all the staff, the headmistress was i think miss hill,my favourite teacher was miss bentley, my best friends where joyce kelly and jean mccarthy
  12. boomerang

    boomerang Guest

    hi i went to st micheals around 57 my favourite teacher was miss bentley
  13. boomerang

    boomerang Guest

    hi i mainly remember the female teachers miss kemp, miss bentley mr mccoy mr odonel, mr higgins (VERY SCARY)mr halsall miss hill mr parker,
  14. boomerang

    boomerang Guest

    hi i also went to st michaels and remember a lot of staff and pupils
  15. boomerang

    boomerang Guest

    hi am getting lost not sure how to post notes, i also went to st michaels, and remember loads of pupils and staff
  16. smiler

    smiler knowlegable brummie

    Hi, Boomerang,

    I remember Joyce Kelly, she was older than me but she had an elder brother John Kelly and a younger brother Desmond (Dessie) Kelly, who was in the same year as me!!

    The family lived in Theresa Road, Sparkbrook, near Farm Park.

    A photo of Dessie Kelly is in the photograph of the football team on page one of this thread, standing in the back row.

    They were a lovely Irish family who I am happy to say I knew well.

  17. jennyann

    jennyann master brummie Staff Member

    You can find this school on the web site Friends Reunited...www.friendsreunited.co.uk Enter St. Michaels R C School in the School search engine at the top left hand corner of the Home Page
    and there are 21 Schools of that name on the list. The Birmingham St. Michael`s is on Page 7 and scroll down ..it`s the 6th down. Lots of info
    and ex-pupils there...some photos there too. It`s a free site now.
  18. Irishbrummie

    Irishbrummie Guest

    I went to St Andrews [Ada Rd] 66-69 circa but knew a few who went to St Micks.
  19. Brian Moyles

    Brian Moyles Guest

    Hello - I've just joined the forum and posted a note about the school in the 'Welcome' section. Take a look

  20. MJS

    MJS proper brummie kid


    I went to St Michaels I left in 1965.

    I remember Joe Parker and not with fond memories. He taught us French and was constantly having a drink from a hip flask which he said was "cough medicine"
    Mr Halsay took us for Geography he was a gentle giant really.

    Did Miss Bently take the girls for PE?
    I have such happy memories of my years there.

    In my year were
    Lizzie Skillen
    Pat Casey
    Maureen Rooney
    Matthew Dolan
    John Clements
    Susan McCoy
    Joseph Pender
    Tony Joyce
    Mary Keenan ( her sister used to teach Irish Dancing)

    do you remember having to walk upto st Anne's church on Friday's for Benediction and the Latin masses in the hall . Oh how sore my knees were.
    Was Mr Odonal the teacher who always smelt of TCP?


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