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St Joseph's Hostel / Waterside House



Hi All.
Im new here, but desperate to find out anything i can on the following building where i have worked for the last four years.
The original name was 'St Joseph's Hostel', and was from the time of being built in 1923, until i beleive the early 1960's a nunnery.
Sometime since then it has been converted many times to offices for FGF, a council run hostel for homeless people, then for my previous and current employers, a privately run mens hostel.
To my knowledge, its current name of 'Waterside House' would have been used from the 1960's when FGF took it over for offices. I know it was used then as my own mother worked there for them around 1966.
I would be interested to hear why it had to be rebuilt in 1936, there was no war on after all, and about any reports of ghosts being in the building. I myself, as well as past and present colleagues have experienced strange occurances during the small hours while walking around the building or going about our jobs, as well as during darker hours in the winter out in the yards.
Many thanks in advance................ John.

Mary whitehouse

New Member
Hi there. John ,my mother lived in the hostel in the late 20s early 30s, untill she married my father, in at chads cathedral. It was run by the nuns, the main one sister Francis, who was very kind to the girls, they all worked, and payed they way each week..My mother was only 14when she went there, her mother left and said she would send for ,but did not, but that's another story. Cheers Mary